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I am the sole copywriter for the EMEA in-house marketing agency of one of the world’s largest multinationals. That means I am responsible for writing the marketing content for about a third of the world’s population. And I am good at what I do.

I also provide freelance copywriting for various firms—from blogs and news items for IT companies, to insurance policies and contracts for brokerages. I originate, improve, translate or co-create, depending on the task and the client’s preference.


If you want to know my style as a copywriter, I’d say that it is always better not to try and sound like the smartest guys in the room. I could write that way but who really wants to read it? Modern companies need a human voice that customers can relate to. My writing is about showing people benefits, getting them engaged, and driving sales.

The best copy in the digital age is that which is written with the visuals in mind. I like to work closely with graphic designers, either taking their direction how the page looks or coming up with an idea for the graphics when I am working on the copy. The two should always complement one another.

What I write

Brochures, eDMs, e-zines, posters, blogs, tweets, articles, event pages, landing pages, websites, invitations, flyers, newsletters, SoMe posts, call guides, telescripts, film scripts, animations… you name it, I’m probably working on it right now!

My copywriting brings measureable results. Tweet views went up from 20K per month to 70K in the first half-year after I took over one campaign. One company had four times more downloads of an online e-zine than ever before. I don’t have dissatisfied customers.


If you want to see and read what I do, let me know and I will happily show you. A lot of what I do is governed by confidentially clauses regarding where it can be published, so it is best to meet up (either on the net or in person) and have a chat about my portfolio.

I also have a couple of books floating about and a film script in production; so you may see my work on a bookshelf or big screen some time soon.


I have a bad habit of not answering phone calls, as so many are people asking me to sign up for timeshares or new mobile plans. If you are interested in using my services, the best thing to do is mail me:

If your matter is really urgent and you can’t wait an hour or two, fire me a text message and I will reply straight away: +48 691 534 602

Just in case you are wondering, I am based in Poland. I am fluent in Polish and available for translation work.